The discovery of stem cells has sparked the idea of personalized medicine. Stem cells have a great clinical potential because of their ability to differentiate into a wide range of cell types. This is exactly the reason why the number of stem cell research projects has escalated rapidly in the past few decades.

With the generous support from the Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation, Chow Tai Fook - Cheng Yu Tung Surgical Stem Cell Research Centre, the Chinese University of Hong Kong was established in July 2011. Since then, we have made remarkable progress in translational stem cell research. It is our ultimate goal to explore the therapeutic potential of stem cells on traumatic and degenerative disorders as well as the underlying mechanisms.

Our research team is composed of surgeons across various specialties, scientists in tissue engineering and cell biology, pathologists, radiologists, etc. We have interdepartmental collaborations within the Chinese University of Hong Kong and joint research projects with overseas institutes.

The objectives of our research center include:
1. To facilitate basic translational stem cell research activities.
2. To educate the postgraduate students, medical and paramedical professionals about the underlying theory of stem cells.
3. To explore the therapeutic potential of stem cells for the treatment of traumatic and degenerative diseases.
4. To convey information about stem cells to the general public.

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