Department of Surgery, CUHK


The Department of Surgery has built itself on a culture of academic research. The Department built its reputation on minimally invasive therapies. We pioneered laparoscopic, thoraco-scopic surgery and endoscopic treatment of GI conditions. Our clinical trials appear in New Journal of Medicine, Lancet, Chest, Gastroenterology and Annals of Surgery. Our earlier research led to dramatic decrease in peptic ulcer disease and its complications and the demise of acid reduction surgery.

The Department of Surgery has conducted a broad range of clinical studies in various disciplines in the Department. Since 2007, the Department has taken the direction of robotic surgery. Robotic liver resections, oesophagectomy, gastrectomy, colorectal resections, urology, paediatric and thyroid surgery are regularly performed. The Department also has the largest series of laparoscopic obesity surgery in Asia with results on par with those of international centres. In cardiovascular surgery, we have one of the largest series on hybrid endovascular and open surgery in the treatment of thoracic aortic aneurysms and dissections. Our thoracic surgery team is also a leader in uni-port lung resections and navigational surgery and tissue acquisition. In recent years, the Department has recruited young clinicians and scientists to expand research areas to functional GI disease, molecular imaging in vascular disease and nano-therapy, robotic novel endoscopic surgery, and biomarker research.

In basic science research, our portfolio includes genomics in liver and colorectal cancers, tumour biomarkers, molecular imaging and nano-therapy in atherosclerosis and others. Research at the Department is strengthened through collaborative efforts with Faculty of Biomedical Science and Engineers. In clinical trials, we form international collaborative groups and participate in multicentre clinical trials.

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